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Monday, 5 July 2021
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Grade:K - 6
Age:5 - 13

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Fortnite Brick Royale vs Mining & Crafting | One Day School Holiday Workshop | Mon 5th July ( 9am - 4pm )

228 New Town Road
New Town, Tasmania 7008

In the morning, skydive down from a flying bus into a world of brick building! Imagine living in this brick world for a fortnight, and working on a fun mission while you’re here. Campers will love building popular game characters, llamas and motorized character models that really dance! This fun game-based camp focuses on the fun of building, navigating, and teamwork.  In the afternoon, experience the world of MineCraft® with LEGO® bricks in this creative school holiday workshop! Kids will begin by crafting their shelters and some of the mobs, critters and tools using traditional bricks and mosaic builds. Children will face new challenges building motorised BRICKS 4 KIDZ® models and crafting key elements from the MineCraft® game. Ages 5+

At the end of the workshop, all kids will go home with a BRICKS 4 KIDZ® gift.

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